MAGOPT LCM: The software for the optimal drive system

MAGOPT LCM: The software for the optimal drive system

With the software tool MagOpt, LCM offers a tool for the design and optimization of drive systems.

In modern drive systems, there are a variety of parameters, from geometrical and material parameters to electrical variables for optimum control. MagOpt offers the possibility to automate the optimization process and decouple it from the simulation software.

For this purpose, fixed and variable parameters are defined and freely selectable target variables such as, for example, high power, low weight, low price, high efficiency are prescribed. The selected optimization algorithm (for example, genetic optimization) creates parameter sets therefrom and automatically passes them on to the desired simulation software, evaluates the result, and creates the next parameter set.

The simulation software is not directly integrated into MagOpt, so the tool remains flexible and unbound. This allows additional customer requirements to be considered. There are currently several interfaces to numerous programs such as CAD systems, circuit simulators and various finite element programs.

This flexibility makes MagOpt a true General Purpose Optimizer.


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25. September 2014

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