Industrial IoT (Internet of Things) is the integration and networking of intelligent, mostly wireless sensors and actuators in industrial plants and processes in order to optimize them and equip them with new functionality. We support our customers with our long-standing know-how in the field of “Industrial IoT” through research and development activities in the following service portfolio:

Edge Computing

Edge Computing is the decentralized processing of (sensor) data in a network of sensors and actuators. Embedded systems are used to preprocess data in order to reduce the communication volume. These reduced amounts of data can then be transferred to make learning processes of artificial intelligence faster and more efficient.

Secure Sensors

Wireless communication between the intelligent sensors and actuators must be protected against external attacks by cryptographic algorithms. Secure sensors are used to ensure the confidentiality, availability and integrity of sensor data.

Energy Harvesting

Some industrial environments have no wired energy supply. Energy Harvesting allows for an independent operation of wireless sensors and actuators. Energy from the environment is converted into electrical energy, which can then be used to supply energy-efficient sensor systems.

Compressed Sensing

Constantly increasing amounts of data pose great challenges for storage and transmission systems. Frequently, signals can no longer be captured completely, which requires the reconstruction of the output data. Compressed sensing methods solve this problem by capturing only as much data as needed which enables the accurate restoration of the original information, at least at a sufficient level for the respective application.

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