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As an LCM employee, you will accompany exciting projects in the fields of mechatronics and digital product development from the initial idea to the finished prototype. LCM offers you the freedom to deepen your knowledge in the specialist areas and to work on large interdisciplinary projects. You will help shape your workplace according to your needs and talents, becoming part of our innovative community of researchers and developers. Together we contribute to the technological and economic advantage of Upper Austria and the entire DACH region.

Working at the Linz Center of Mechatronics



Linz Center of Mechatronics GmbH is active in research and development. As a one-stop-shop, we deliver solutions that are precisely tailored to customer needs. Our services are based on mechatronics, an intelligent networking of information technology, mechanics and electronics. We are among the world leaders in these disciplines. Our customers are large international corporations as well as domestic medium-sized and small companies. In addition to excellent specialist knowledge, you also have a passion for innovation. You will work at the interface between science and business in a future-oriented company and support our project teams in solving complex mechatronic problems.


  • Completed studies at a university or FH (mechatronics, mechanical engineering, …)
  • result-oriented and independent way of working
  • Interest in interdisciplinary team work
  • Creative thinking
  • Fun with customer contact
  • English language skills
  • high degree of self-organisation


  • Demanding and varied work in an innovative, future-oriented company
  • Great creative freedom
  • Good professional training and development opportunities
  • Flexible working hours and a pleasant working atmosphere
  • Market-compliant, performance-oriented remuneration

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Head of Human Ressource

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Gender Equality Plan

It is one of the core values of LCM that all people have the same opportunities and development chances in working life. With our management mission statement, we have committed to a culture that sees diversity as an opportunity and differences as an important resource.

In order to promote diversity as a driver of innovation, we need to create an environment in which all employees, regardless of gender, can develop and contribute in the best possible way.

Read our Gender Equality Plan!




We understand technology as an innovative field of work. With enthusiasm we develop mechatronic solutions for our customers. For this we need employees who are looking for variety and challenge in mechatronics.

Since 2001 our highly qualified employees contribute their specific expertise for the common success and live our values:

  • Team spirit
  • Honest, respectful communication
  • Motivation for innovation
  • Together pursuing our vision
  • Thinking beyond boundaries
Promoting the personal and professional development of our employees is the central element in LCM’s Human Resource Management. In order for all of them to optimally use their individual competencies and interests, we offer a high degree of creative freedom, diverse training and further education opportunities and a healthy work environment that enables flexible adaptation to changing phases of life.

WHAT OUR INTERNS / doctoral candidates SAY ABOUT US

Working at LCM is really great, it´s a highly productive and flexible workplace. My programming skills from previous employment an education were well utilized in servaral programs.

Pettit Connor

Master Student - Internship, LCM

Bei LCM zu arbeiten bedeutet für mich in dem spannenden Gebiet der Mechatronik als Bindeglied zwischen Wirtschaft und Forschung tätig zu sein. Besonders schätze ich die einzigartige Möglichkeit, dass ich bei LCM meine Disseration schreiben kann und Forschungsaufenthalte bei unseren Kooperationspartnern absolvieren darf.

Lukas Grasböck

R&D Engineer / Dissertant, LCM

Das LCM bietet eine wunderbare Gelegenheit für StudentInnen einen Einblick in die Schnitstelle zwischen Industrie und Forschung zu bekommen. Außerdem ist die Arbeitskultur sehr angenehm beim LCM, sodass man sich direkt als Teil des Unternehmens fühlt. Das FemTech Praktikum hat mir nicht nur bei meiner Masterarbeit unterstützt, sondern bot mir auch die Möglichkeit mein technisches Wissen zu fokussieren.

Burcu Taspinar

Master Student, LCM









Home Office



Our Culture


Our managers recognize the potential that lies in working together with people from different backgrounds and different genders. We cultivate a culture of collaboration in which prejudice has no place.


We recognize motivation and development potential and support our employees in their professional and personal development. Our leadership is based on the phases of life and opens up new opportunities.


We encourage you to think across the board. We transfer enough personal responsibility and create space for innovative thinking. Trust, honesty and commitment are the pillars of mutual success.


Honest feedback and the positive handling of criticism, which always serves our further development, are central management tools. Respect is the basis for this.


Rating at


We promote women in the technical field, inspire them and provide them the same career opportunities as their male colleagues. We took the following measures as to increase the attractiveness of the offered jobs for female graduates of technical studies and universities, and as to facilitate their entry:

  • Selective admission of female interns and degree candidates as an initiation of a research career
  • Participation in projects that promote female talents
  • Selectively addressing females at career fairs as to increase the proportion of women
  • Organization of working time: flexible working hours, teleworking and part-time models
  • Child care: the Johannes-Kepler University offers LCM employees adequate child care in their respective premises



  • Openness to qualified specialists with different backgrounds
  • equal pay for equal performance
  • Development opportunities for everyone: from young professionals to experts!
  • Responsible tasks even part-time
  • Life phase-oriented work models

Family-friendly employer

We are not only proud of our employees and our successes, but also of the berufundfamilie certificate we were awarded in 2019. As a family-friendly company, we offer our employees flexible working hours as well as a variety of work-life models to ensure the best possible work-life balance. Sabbaticals, paternity leave, papa month, educational leave, and part-time work are just a few of our popular offers.

Logo berufundfamilie


We are continuously working on improving the work environment for our employees and creating the ideal work atmosphere. Even in challenging times, we find ways to optimize how we work together. During the Covid-19 pandemic, more people worked from their home office, and we made individual arrangements for office attendance.




Interview about the IEMDC 2019 in San Diego

Interview about the IEMDC 2019 in San Diego

The International Electric Machine & Drives Conference (IEMDC) took place from 12-15th May 2019 in San Diego (USA). Bianca Klammer from LCM took part as a speaker. Read her impressions in this short interview.

How did you become a speaker at IEMDC 2019?
At the end of last year, my supervisor approached me and suggested that I publish parts of my master’s thesis as a paper at a conference. This was a perfect opportunity for me to present as a special session on high-speed and bearingless engines was already planned for IEMDC 2019. In mid-February, we received positive results of the review. Hence it was clear that I could participate as a speaker.

What was – in brief – the content of the work you presented?
The project deals with the design and optimization of a bearingless high-speed engine. Bearingless motors offer smooth operation due to the absence of contact between stator and rotor. This is a great advantage especially at high speeds. In the course of my master thesis, I also built two prototypes of this motor, put them into operation and measured them on a special test bench. Above all, the comparison between the engine characteristics simulated in advance and the values measured later was an interesting part of the work I presented.

What are your impressions of the conference?
The conference offered me many interesting insights into current research areas within the electrical drive technology. I was very impressed by the international scientific work that was presented.
It was great to see again some scientists from the field of bearingless motors, whom I already got to know at the IPEC (International Power Electronics Conference) 2018 in Niigata. In addition, I was able to make new contacts and had stimulating conversations. Overall, it was an inspiring and impressive experience.

Why should young researchers take the opportunity to participate in conferences?
In my opinion, young researchers should definitely take the opportunity to participate in conferences. This gives them a better overview of current important problems in research and development in the respective field. It is a very good opportunity to exchange views with researchers around the world and to look at some issues from different viewing angles. Furthermore, joint projects and publications can arise.

IEMDC2019 Abendveranstaltung

IEMDC 2019 evening event

What are your career plans for the near future?
I will start working full-time in the Department of Electrical Drive Technology at LCM after completing my master’s degree in mechatronics in August. I am very much looking forward to new challenges that different projects will bring along for me. Over the next few years, I would like to gain experience in the design and optimization of electric drives, deepen the knowledge I gained during my studies and put it into practice.

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Internship @ LCM: Anna Kudriavtseva

Internship @ LCM: Anna Kudriavtseva

Anna Kudriavtseva, B.A.

Student of the University of Applied Science Upper Austria, Global Sales and Marketing bachelor’s programme

For my internship I hoped to find a position that would unite journalism, marketing and technologies under one roof, and I found what I was looking for at the Linz Center of Mechatronics.

The first day started with a cake, and even though I was jokingly told that it was not a usual working day, every day I was treated with experience, a lively atmosphere and motivating people.

I had an internship at LCM for a month, which was full of challenging yet exciting projects: redesigning the website, writing a white paper and writing a success story to top it off. Seeing that the results of my work were implemented was very rewarding.

During my internship I was supported by my colleagues and felt myself truly a part of the team. I was surrounded by people who love what they are doing, helpful and smart — all what makes working atmosphere so pleasant.


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Business2Students – Around the world

Business2Students – Around the world

As part of the Export Day of the WKO at 12.11.2018, international students of the FH Upper Austria were given the opportunity to apply directly for internships in the coming year. The HR Manager of the Linz Center of Mechatronics GmbH, Gerda Klammer, conducted nine 20-minute face-to-face meetings this afternoon and met committed internationals from various countries of origin (from Brazil to Nigeria and Denmark to Russia), “The format provides an efficient way to discuss requirements and needs for internships. We will have further discussions and I am confident that we can offer some of the young people the opportunity to gain their first professional experience in our company. “Gerda Klammer is convinced of the success of the event.

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