DiMo-NEXT: Data Acquisition and Processing for Sports Applications

The vision of DiMo-NEXT is to reach the next level of digital movement by bringing together transdisciplinary expertise in behavioral psychology, movement data analytics, sustainable materials and sensor technology in the application areas of sport, health and well-being. The focus on a data-driven and human-centered approach in combination with digital technologies such as personalized guidance, explainable AI and smart and sustainable materials helps to facilitate behavior change and ultimately improve the experience of physical activity, sports performance and overall well-being. The proposed synergistic concept is unparalleled in Europe and is ideally suited to become an internationally recognized focal point for research and corporate partners in Europe in the field of digitalization of sport, exercise and well-being.

LCM contributes its expertise in mobile, flexible data acquisition and pre-processing and leads the “Digital Motion System Engineering” part of the project.

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