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We develop individual mechatronic solutions for our customers based on economical criteria using advanced knowledge from our in-house research. Depending on the needs of our customers, we carry out the overall development, partake in a development project, or provide individual services.

Our Projects are as diverse as our customers

Our customers range from small and medium-sized enterprises to international automotive groups. Our main customers from the automotive, mechanical engineering, electrical, agricultural machinery, medical technology, construction machinery, and automation sectors validate our development and innovation expertise.




The revitalization of small river power plants for the generation of electricity is pivotal to sustainability. The cost-benefit ratio of small power plants can be challenging.


  • Design and construction of a small hydropower generator (900 kW) with digital engineering
  • Use of parametric models to save construction time
  • Simulation-based design and construction
Projekt Kleinwasserkraftgenerator



Machining centers for metal cutting processes require maximum precision and efficiency in sometimes less than ideal environmental conditions.


  • New development of a digital hydraulic micro-positioning of tool spindles including a calibration device.
  • Construction of a prototype that can be tested under real-world conditions
  • Assistance with the transfer of the prototype into series production Ongoing further
  • Development and optimization in coordination with the customer
Projekt Positionskorrektur Werkzeugspindel



Snow blowers are conveyors optimized for their specific use. When snow blowers are further developed for use as wood chip conveyors, there are numerous problems that are not easily solved with conventional machine designs.


  • Creation of a mechanical simulation model for the conveyor unit and coupling with the material models for the conveying media snow and wood chips
  • Training of the customer in how to operate and evaluate the simulation model
Projekt Schneefräse, Hackschnitzel



Above all for passenger vehicles, the comfort in the interior is very important.


  • Analysis and simulation
  • Customized design of controls, actuators, and power electronics
  • Production and commissioning of a prototype active damping system
Projekt Schwingungsdämpfung Automotive



Noise in household appliances can be a nuisance. But sometimes it is not enough to alter the design or implement passive damping.


  • Selection and positioning of suitable actuators based on measurements and simulation-supported analyzes
  • Optimal control concept for active vibration damping for a single but variable frequency
Projekt Schwingungsdämpfung Haushaltsgeräte

Industrial IoT

MoSS – Modular Sensor System

Rolling bearings are important machine elements which are often decisive for plant failure or trouble-free operation. Thus it is crucial to enable a continous monitoring of relevant parameters such as temperature, speed, etc. directly at the rolling bearing.

LCM Solution

  • Development of the specification from the customer’s idea
  • Development of a sensor system for measuring and logging a bearing rolling’s data with self-sufficient energy supply and wireless transmission
  • Integration of different technologies into a complete system
  • Construction of a test series and execution of performance tests
  • Customer support during the implementation of a series production
Projekt Schwingungsdämpfung Automotive


"In the rapidly changing automotive industry, our collaboration with LCM has repeatedly yielded solutions to problems that seemed insurmountable just a few years ago. These solutions will become part of new product developments and the state of the art in the future."
Peter Stögmüller

Head of pre-development, Oberaigner Powertrain GmbH

“LCM convinces with very large know-how in the areas of energy harvesting, ultra low power electronics, system concept development and wireless sensor networks. Through the cooperation with LCM it was possible to develop an innovative measurement task in a challenging environment from concept to working demonstrators for field tests at customers. The cooperation takes place in a pleasant atmosphere and enabled a knowledge transfer between our companies. We see LCM as an innovative and reliable development partner also for the future further development of the product.”
David Schaljo

Head of Application Technology, NKE Austria GmbH

“LCM is the perfect match for Bühler. Thus, LCM convinced us right from the start with its immense know-how in the fields of hydraulics, control engineering, and numerical simulation. One of the keys for us was the open and solution-oriented exchange between LCM and Bühler. The permanent support provided by LCM from A to Z, i.e. from the analysis to the development of solution approaches to the suitability for series production, additionally contributed to the efficient handling of the project. Symbolic of the excellent cooperation and the joint commitment on both sides were the joint field operations, where work sometimes continued into the late evening hours or on Sundays. Thanks to the cooperation with LCM, Bühler was able to rapidly implement the optimization of the hydraulic system and create real added value for our customers.”
Michael Cinelli

Team Leader Product Life Cycle Management R&D, Bühler AG, Schweiz

“Competent support in the simulation of high-speed rotors. Well thought-out specifications, good communication of all intermediate results and detailed reports.”
Dr. Roland Neumayer

, BMW Motoren GmbH

“During the cooperation in the context of various development projects, LCM has established itself as a reliable partner with great flexibility at Robert Bosch AG. In particular, the high solution orientation and methodological competence represent a significant asset within the framework of the cooperation. In the event that a solution variant did not lead to the desired goal, alternative solutions were developed quickly and flexibly. In this respect, LCM can draw on a wealth of experience from development projects that have already been successfully completed.”
Dipl.-Ing. Christian Ganser

Diesel Systems, Engineering Technical Functions (DS-B1/ETF), Robert Bosch AG

„The diversity of disciplines, the high competence of the staff, as well as the close cooperation with the institutes of the JKU ensure research at the highest level. In addition, the LCM offers a mechatronic approach, which is particularly important for product development and integrates the various disciplines in the development process. For us, the cooperation with the LCM has been a guarantee for years that we are always one step ahead of the competition.“
Dipl.-Ing. Georg Keintzel

F&E Project Manager, Senior Expert, Primetals Technologies

„During the development of our TRUMPF MagicShoe, LCM was one of our core development partners. In-depth knowledge in radio and positioning technologies has helped to build functional prototypes very quickly. For more than ten years now, we have turned to LCM with tricky development tasks in all kinds of mechatronic disciplines. Innovations have always been the result of our collaboration - a perfect symbiosis of science, research and business.“
Dipl.-Ing. Bernhard Fischereder

Head of Development, TRUMPF Maschinen Austria GmbH + Co. KG

„Mechatronics is nowadays "the" way to develop innovative products. With it's holistic approach to problems and tasks, its experience and its areas of expertise, LCM is the optimal development partner for us.“
Dipl.-Ing. Herman Hauser

, Fokam Fahrzeugzubehör Ges.m.b.H.

„LCM's unique competence in developing marketable solutions at the highest scientific level greatly increases the impact of our development work.“
Ing. Wolfgang Kunze, MSc, MBA

CTO, Salvagnini Maschinenbau

„It took only six months for the entire planning and conception of our micropositioning together with LCM. In another 2 months, a fully functional prototype was available. The development of the product suitable for series production was also realized in only two weeks. The biggest surprise, however, was that up to the present day there have been no surprises or delays either during the development phase or during commissioning or live operation. The cooperation with the LCM team is TOP - keep it up.“
Dipl.-Ing. Roland Haas



Our projects bridge science and industry for the purpose of finding the right solutions for our customers. Our services also include in-house developments that can later be used in a wide variety of industries.

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We see our customers as partners with whom we maintain long-term cooperations and solve challenging tasks along the entire innovation chain.


As a member of various economic networks, we act in a cross-industry and sustainable manner in order to help develop the latest technical innovations.
The regional and supra-regional networking helps us to stay up to date with the latest technical, economic and social developments.

Awards and Nominations

We are pleased that our developments and our research work are nationally and internationally nominated and awarded. We can proudly look back on numerous recognitions over the past few years.


We make research findings work in the real world on behalf of our customers. In doing so, we work across industries. Our customers get a tailor-made solution from a single source through the integration of all necessary technologies into one overall package.

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