Condition Monitoring & ­Predictive Maintenance

With smart components for data-based condition analyses and AI-supported fault detection, we accompany the development and integration of flexible and practical condition monitoring systems as an R&D service provider.

The reliable condition monitoring and early fault detection of machines and plants is associated with many challenges. As an expert in condition monitoring and predictive maintenance, we support plant operators with technological know-how, solution-oriented concepts and needs-based measures.

Requirements definition

Together with our customers, we define the specific requirements for a condition monitoring system based on their concrete problem.

Feasibility Analysis

For us, the basis of a project is a feasibility analysis. Together with the customer, we evaluate the status quo, create a catalog of faults and define the expected added value of an optimized condition monitoring system.

Implementation Plan

Based on this analysis, we develop a concept with an individual implementation plan that includes all necessary measures. In the course of the project, the key milestones are evaluated and the further course of action is adjusted, if necessary, on the basis of the insights gained.

Data Acquisition System

The start of the implementation phase is usually made with an initial data recording using laboratory measuring equipment. Using standard sensors and laboratory equipment, we thus create a basis for sounding out the real chances of success of the project with little time expenditure and without high investments. Based on this, we subsequently develop specific algorithms as well as missing hardware components (e.g. additional sensors).

Algorithm Development

The next step is already regarding product pre-development. For this purpose, we produce product-like functional prototypes, which are subsequently tested (e.g. on test benches or on a pilot plant). The algorithms used are optimized on the basis of the data obtained.


If these test results meet the expectations, in the final project phase, we initiate the industrialization process and accompany our customers in finding the right industrialization partner for the certification and sustainable realization of the final product.

Condition Monitoring & Predictive Maintenance – What for?

Business managers in the plant support sector are aware that breakdowns and machine failures can be costly – in fact, unforeseen machine failures cost the industry millions each year.
There are two main approaches to addressing these issues: Establishing fixed maintenance cycles and proactively preventing production downtime. However, both strategies bring their own challenges and weaknesses that can be offset by adequate condition monitoring.

Reduce costs

Condition monitoring enables the condition of machines and plants to be monitored by using intelligent sensor systems and suitable analysis methods. Anomalies and deviations can be detected by continuous data acquisition during operation and comparison of the recorded ACTUAL conditions with the TARGET values of the machine.

Increase planning reliability

Condition monitoring and predictive maintenance enables the creation of forecasts for necessary maintenance measures. By identifying potential problems in good time, they can be rectified before they lead to serious disruptions.

Success Factors in Condition Monitoring


Simulation-based engineering is a key success factor when designing a system for early fault detection. With the help of a physically motivated simulation model, not only can the process itself be optimized – the model also makes it possible to simulate various fault situations and thus provides training data for a future condition monitoring system at an early stage and without additional measurement effort.

Advantages of Simulation-based Engineering

  • The condition monitoring system can train fault conditions as part of simulation-supported commissioning.
  • In case of design changes, the data generation can be repeated at the push of a button and the system can be adapted without new measurement series.
  • When the machine is commissioned for the first time, a functioning analysis tool is already available.

Your Profit through Condition Monitoring

Condition monitoring enables plant operators to sustainably increase the efficiency, service life and production quality of machines, while at the same time reducing costs and the use of resources. As a leading provider of R & D services, we develop a solution tailored to the customer’s needs and profitably transfer state-of-the-art technologies into their operational environment.

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