Small Low-Cost Hydroelectric Generator
Permanent Magnet Generator on the Power Grid

  • Single quantity product (first design must fit – no chance for redesign)
  • The induced voltage at idle must match the mains voltage as closely as possible
  • High power factor and low current harmonics
  • No active control – the generator has to be designed for a wide power range
  • Permanent magnets must not demagnetize during short-circuiting
  • Parametric models provide a cost-effective design even for single quantity products
  • Complex requirements can be considered and optimized
  • Mismatch between the simulation and measurement below 1%
Performance Parameters
  • Rotational Speed: 187,5 rpm
  • Continuous Power Output: 700kW
  • Continuous Torque: 36500 Nm
  • Efficiency: 97,9 %
  • Short-Term Power Output: 900 kW
  • Short-Term Torque: 52500 Nm