Hydrostatic Drive Train Transmission for Renewable Energy Applications | HyDrive

Hydrostatic Drive Train Transmission for Renewable Energy Applications | HyDrive

The production capacity of wind power plants, especially in the offshore sector, is steadily increasing. Wind power plants on the order of 5-6 MW are currently in operation. Wind power plants require a transmission gearbox which transforms the rotor speed to a reasonable generator speed and a frequency converter that feeds the electrical energy into the grid. In the described performance classes, the described transducer principles reach their limits in the sense of energy efficiency, power density, availability, maintainability and costs.

Therefore a paradigm shift is necessary. The use of the latest digital hydraulic converters will make it possible to achieve an even higher output range for wind power plants at the same cost. The Digital Displacement Technology (DDT) is capable of significantly increasing the power density of such transmission transmissions and makes a mechanical transmission completely superfluous.

The aim of this project is the investigation of digital displacement technology and its use for wind power and shaft power plants of the highest performance class.


Coordinator: Aalborg University, Dept. of Energy Technology

Conveyor line: Danish Council for Strategic Research (DSF)

Budget:  ~  EUR 3.300.000

Project duration: 36 months

Project start: January 2015

Project type: Research and Innovation

Project consortium: Research institutes (AT), University (AT, DK), industry (D, DK).

Project homepage: http://www.hydrive.et.aau.dk

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22. March 2017

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