Liquid Flow Rate Measurement using Radar and Ultrasound

Liquid Flow Rate Measurement using Radar and Ultrasound

Top-Products for Liquid Flow Rate Assessment

The Linz Center of Mechatronics GmbH (LCM) has developed two products for Belgian market leader Flow-Tronic which allow for accurate liquids flow measurement for both open channel and full pipe applications. Based on radar technology, the contact-less system „Raven-Eye“ provides very accurate estimates of the flow velocity at the surface and infers the corresponding overall flow rate.


Picturecredits: Flowtronic | Liquid Flow Measurement using Radar Technology.

Another product named „Beluga“ hosts an ultrasound system that allows for the measurement of the liquid flow velocity in a full pipe.

Which are the driving technologies?

LCM has developed the entire radio-frequency and ultrasound electronics and the respective signal processing algorithms, and has produced the hardware prototypes from which the before-mentioned products originated.

The velocity distribution within a pipe is analysed digitally by means of a Doppler-flow sensor. From the distribution, a self-learning algorithm derives the average velocity.

Special attention was focused on the optimization of the energy consumption: The products are capable of battery-driven operation throughout several months at hard-to-reach sites without the need of maintenance.

As to be able to deploy these systems in explosion-prone settings, as given in sewer tunnels, they need to be ATEX-certified. LCM provides the know-how for the implementation of this norm which is non-trivial and which implies increased documentation effort.

Application Examples

The products are used in municipal public supply and disposal management, dairy factories, breweries and industrial facilities. LCM has been accompanying Flow-Tronic for many years, from hardware and algorithmic developments to the final products.

LCM Competences

  • Radio-frequency- and ultrasound hardware development
  • Signal processing
  • ATEX-compliant development
  • Support from the idea to the final product

Video: Flow Measurements

Video: RAVEN-EYE for sewer monitoring (English)


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27. March 2017