Our technological focus

The Linz Center of Mechatronics relies on solutions from a single source for the development of electric drives. All relevant competencies such as simulation, optimization, electronics and prototyping interlock to implement the drive for their application – efficient, robust and cost-effective.


The design of electrical machines requires complex simulations and optimizations. The overall system (electromagnetics, rotor dynamics, thermal conditions, etc.) counts as much as the details (magnetic losses, torque ripple, current harmonics, etc.). With the SyMSpace MotorBox, LCM also offers a comprehensive software tool on a pay-per-use basis.


Optimized power electronics for optimized drives allows highest efficiency, power density and robustness. With different designs, communication interfaces, safety mechanisms, switching topologies and voltage levels.


Only the control of the electric machine exploits all potentials. From simple speed controllers to optimized current curves or to sensorless control. With X2C, LCM has developed high-performance software that offers graphic controller programming, online parameter tuning and signal visualization.


Magnetic bearings provide oil-free, abrasion-free operation for maximum lifetime and highest speeds. In addition, rotor and stator can be hermetically separated – without seals, for special requirements regarding aggressive media, high purity, etc.



We support you wherever you want.

From concept development to redesign of existing systems to the design of individual components or entire drive systems with support for series implementation or certification – we support you in this. Especially with special requirements regarding power density, efficiency, costs, operating conditions or service life, we bring along our simulation and optimization know-how.


Construction and commissioning of prototypes, measurement at the engine test bench.

Thanks to our in-house production, we are able to quickly and flexibly set up prototypes for electric drives and commission them with existing or newly developed control systems. Surveying on the test bench provides certainty and pushes the systems to their limits – both as part of development projects and as a measurement service.


If anyone knows, nobody knows.

LCM does not work as a black box but lets customers look into every corner of the development. This enables knowledge building and safeguards technological progress. Upon request, LCM also offers training and seminars on selected topics in drive technology.

News & Events

LCM at the Industry Space Days 2022

LCM at the Industry Space Days 2022

The ESA Industry Space Days are held every two years in Nordwijk, NL. After a Covid19-related online event in 2020, many participants were involved this year. LCM was present for the first time and presented the prototypes from the ESA research project MagBrake II...

Leading Indian manufacturer of drive systems for electrically powered vehicles visits LCM

Leading Indian manufacturer of drive systems for electrically powered vehicles visits LCM

Electromobility is also advancing massively in Asia. Significant growth is expected, especially in the motorcycle segment. The use of optimized drive systems is essential in order to actually achieve the desired goals such as high range, small installation space, low...

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