X2C: Rapid Prototyping for Control Systems

X2C: Rapid Prototyping for Control Systems

Linz Center of Mechatronics GmbH provides a software tool, X2C, for the model-based development and code generation of real-time algorithms on microprocessors (for example, electrical drives). Scilab/Xcos, which is available as open source software, is used to build X2C’s graphical control scheme. Previously every function had to be laboriously programmed in the C programming language. The advantage of X2C is that support from the graphical user interface makes the generation of C code substantially easier.

Many libraries are available with various graphic elements, facilitating the easy creation of the control scheme. C code is stored for these elements, and can be assembled and compiled for the entire scheme at the touch of a button. X2C makes it easy to create reliable controller structures. With the integrated “Communicator” interface and the Scope function that is also included, it is possible to customise, evaluate and monitor the scheme at any time. All control variables can also be followed in “real time” mode.

X2C can be downloaded free at x2c.lcm.at. Advanced functionality and a large number of special libraries for such uses as motor control are available in a commercial version.


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9. March 2015