Optimal development

The design and development of a customized turbomachine requires the interaction of several specialist domains. While a classic design approach is sufficient in simple cases, it quickly reaches its limits when it comes to more demanding requirements. For example, to achieve an optimized overall system, a holistic approach is recommended that optimizes all relevant sub-aspects while taking mutual dependencies into account:

  • Fluid dynamics
  • Electromagnetic drive
  • Stability and rotor dynamics
  • Thermal design and cooling
  • Vibrations and acoustics

The SyMSpace development tool allows several of these areas to be optimized as a whole.

Optimized overall solution


  • High efficiency and low operating costs
  • Compact design with high power density, speed and dynamics
  • Customized, integrated electric drive
  • Oil-free and wear-free bearings
  • Minimized vibrations and noise

Your benefit


  • Shorter development time
  • Easy design changes
  • Fewer prototypes required
  • Lower trial costs

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Business Area Manager Mechanics & Control

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