Intelligent sensor technology for steel

tfs – tailormade functional steel

Capacitive touch sensors integrated directly on sheet steel enable new innovative products: Steel doors can be opened by touch and the occupancy status of shelves can be detected (implemented by Umdasch).

If used as a control element, this technology has the potential for innovative operating concepts and for improving the usability of devices.

Project partner und Photo: voestalpine AG



  • Turning steel into an intelligent material
  • Functionality directly in the component
  • Freedom in appearance and function
  • Capture data directly on the steel surface
  • Different functions: Control element, load detection, surface heating, etc.



  • Development of organic coating technology (JKU Institute for Microelectronics and Microsensors)
  • Development of the capacitive evaluation electronics (LCM GmbH)
  • Implementation of functional models (operating surfaces, shelves with occupancy recognition)

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