Image Processing – A Key Technology

Image Processing – A Key Technology

Image Processing

Image processing has become a key technology in the implementation of higher automation levels, quality controls and highly precise measurement tasks. In addition to industrial applications, image processing is seeing increasing use in the assistance systems we encounter on a day-to-day basis.

For us, the term image processing covers more than just a camera and software. We work with our customers in the development of solution concepts that incorporate aspects such as sensor fusion, mechanics or electronics. Our expertise in the area of optics, sensors and signal processing is built on a broad foundation of mechatronics.


In the development of image processing algorithms, we rely on extensive libraries such as HALCON, Matlab, OpenCV or LabView, for example. Depending on the task, individual software is created on the basis of the available libraries. This allows us to ensure efficient software development with a focus on up-to-date technologies.

For prototype development, we have laboratory equipment consisting of cameras, lenses lighting, lasers and much more.


Our image processing applications are used in the industrial environment for quality control, process optimization, machine control, robot control, orientation and more.

Industrial camera used for an outdoor-position- and orientation estimation application.

Image processing is becoming an integral component of production systems and of our day-to-day business. Increasing computing capacity and developments in the area of sensors enable projects to be implemented today that were considered impossible before now.

LCM offers its customers technologies and solutions at the cutting edge of the latest research such as artificial intelligence, self-learning algorithms and augmented reality.