Active and Passive Vibration Damping

Active and Passive Vibration Damping

Linz Center of Mechatronics GmbH (LCM) is an expert in the field of active and passive vibration damping.

After a system analysis (e.g. with measurement based analysis by LCM or system knowledge of the customer) the best suited concept for vibration damping is chosen, implemented and optimised. If necessary, LCM can develop and produce customized actuators and power electronics or adapt the control of already present actuators.

Decisive criteria for the choice of a suited concept are amongst others:

  • frequency (range) and amplitude of the vibration
  • available information concerning the excitation and the vibrating system
  • already built-in actuators and sensors
  • available computing power
  • requirements concerning installation space and weight
  • energy supply
  • safety regulations
  • costs

Successfully implemented solutions cover a wide range of frequency and applications:

  • medical technology, automotive (turbo charger, vibrations of the car body), plant and machine construction, robotics, household appliances, ventilation and cooling systems
  • 0,05 N up to several kN
  • 0,5 Hz up to several kHz
  • suppression of single frequency (tonal) vibrations (e.g. driving speed)
  • damping of single/multiple eigenfrequencies, broad-band vibration reduction
  • passive measures: change of the design, passive dampers (tuned mass damper), damping materials (e.g. rubber buffers, vibration plate)
  • actuators: loudspeaker, electrodynamic, electromagnetic, piezoelectric, hydraulic, …



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13. March 2017