A technology co-developed by LCM allows steel doors to be opened with a simple touch.

A door opens automatically as you pass by – who doesn’t know that? After passing it several times, the repeated opening of the door can get on your nerves. There are already capacitive touch sensors available for non-metal doors that enable the door to be opened by simply tapping it. However, this technology could not be adapted to steel doors and in metallic industrial environments.

A technology co-developed by LCM now enables steel doors to be opened by a simple touch using sensors integrated in the door material. The detection of hand contact as well as different touch patterns is based on a special coating of the door material. Capacitive sensor fields are applied directly to the steel strips of the door, transforming them into an intelligent surface. The electronics developed by LCM are integrated directly into the door. These electronics control the capacitive sensors and the door opening mechanism. A metallic surface equipped with a sensor function is also more cost-effective than the subsequent combination of two separate individual components, as is the case with the above-mentioned non-metal doors.



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