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Sensemaking (Test-before-Invest Module 1)

We specialize in transferring existing motivation into concrete implementation ideas so that your company can gain valuable insights and make informed decisions. We help you see through complex relationships, identify patterns, and unlock the true potential of your business through guided exchanges with a workshop character and the possible involvement of company partners. Let us help you transform information into meaningful solutions to keep your business flexible and competitive in an ever-changing landscape.


Are you looking for cutting-edge prototypes to support your strategic decisions? Our team offers you comprehensive support in organizing “mechatronics hackathons” tailored to your needs. These Mechathons offer a unique opportunity to explore innovative solutions and ideas with high attention potential for your company’s new topic. Our mechatronics-focused events bring together experts and innovators to provide an event for idea generation and collaboration.

Sandboxing (Test-before-Invest Module 2)

Testing and piloting new technologies is a crucial step in the innovation process of companies. LCM combines preliminary scientific work (e.g., from a sensemaking process) with industrial realization and implementation. This fusion and controlled testing identifies strengths, weaknesses, and potential challenges for companies to refine the technology to better fit their specific needs. This iterative approach helps optimize performance, minimize risks, and ensure successful integration of cutting-edge solutions into existing workflows.

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