Animal localisation

Localisation and behavioural recording of breeding animals

By monitoring the behaviour of cows in stalls, the right measures can be taken in a timely manner if necessary. The position and activity of a cow are measured via an intelligent ear tag. From this information, the state of health and oestrus behaviour can be determined. The ear tag is designed for low-power operation to avoid battery replacement.

Project partner: Smartbow



  • Long tag-life (> Lifespan of the animals)
  • Real-time data of all animals available
  • Early detection of diseases
  • Optimization of insemination dates
  • Reduction of medication consumption



  • Energy-efficient and highly accurate localization systems for harsh environments
  • Real-time location system for farm animals
  • Complete system development from the animal’s ear tag via base station to localization and pattern recognition software
  • Automated analysis of movement patterns and deriving health information

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