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From the very beginning, mechatronics has been interdisciplinary. The fields of mechanics, electronics information technology were no longer to be regarded as separate entities, but rather as a new holistic discipline. Current developments urge us to look up and incorporate new approaches:

  • Technical systems capture their environment and communicate with intelligent surroundings.
  • Local management software and global IT applications merge – over and beyond corporate boundaries.
  • Technical systems interact with people in a whole new way.
  • Sector boundaries disappear and new business models appear.

This revolution requires a strategic top-down view of mechatronic possibilities in the current and future socio-technical environment.

LCM actively plays a part in developing trends and has ties with international experts in various disciplines. This knowledge enables us to be available for our customers, open up new perspectives and work together on their implementation.

Topic-specific seminars

Results from current foresight  projects, international technology trends, case studies.

Open foresight project in a team with various disciplines

Collaborative foresight project. Insights into the current issues of other companies.


Company Internal foresight project

Projection of previous results for our own sectors. Derivation of possible strategies.

Keynotes and exchange with international mentors

Multi-disciplinary perspectives are incorporated. Ties with renowned experts.

Alumni Club

Invitation to results presentation of current workshop series and expert interviews, meetings.

Technology Push subscription

Regular company-specific updates in the relevant search fields.

Within the  Technology Push subscription we offer you constant updates on actual high tech trends and according opportunities within a well-defined search field.

The intense kick-off phase comprises a bilateral workshop. In its course we ask you to share your actual challenges and tasks that are linked to the search field. The research concept will then be individually tailored to your needs. The profound understanding of your framework and interests enables us to provide you with only targeted information of great relevance to your innovation strategy.

We utilise following tools for this research:

  • Ongoing monitoring of scientific papers, newsletters from high tech providers, blogs and other media
  • Interviews with experts: internally and within our international partner network

Biannually we will present you short reports on the latest results. Together we will derive specific options and next steps to implement new-found promising technologies.

Our external point of view combined with your experience will constitute an ideal  breeding ground for unconventional solutions.

Project development for implementation

Concept development, compilation of consortia from the LCM partner network, support.

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Posted on

1. March 2016