Intelligent Safety Brake — ISB

Brake system for elevators without ropes

New types of passenger elevators without ropes can be operated not only vertically but also horizontally and are not limited in their geometric extent. As a result, they offer architects more freedom for building design.
For Thyssenkrupp’s MULTI elevator system, several braking systems that are distributed in conventional elevators (motor, rope, car) had to be combined in a single braking system. At the same time, the ropeless braking system had to meet all the necessary safety criteria.
The system developed by LCM is a highly integrated, efficient, digtalhydraulically controlled braking system that provides the elevators of the future with new flexibility.

Project partner: Wittur Austria



  • Entwicklung einer Sicherheitsbremse für Seillose Personenaufzüge
  • Erfüllung aller Normen und Sicherheitsrichtlinien
  • Richtungsabhängige Bremsverzögerung
  • Geringste Geräuschemmissionen



  • Digital hydraulically controlled, energy-efficient braking system
  • Highly integrated solution (motor, pump, valves, electronics)
  • Redundant design to achieve SIL certification

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