The International Electric Machine & Drives Conference (IEMDC) took place from 12-15th May 2019 in San Diego (USA). Bianca Klammer from LCM took part as a speaker. Read her impressions in this short interview.

How did you become a speaker at IEMDC 2019?
At the end of last year, my supervisor approached me and suggested that I publish parts of my master’s thesis as a paper at a conference. This was a perfect opportunity for me to present as a special session on high-speed and bearingless engines was already planned for IEMDC 2019. In mid-February, we received positive results of the review. Hence it was clear that I could participate as a speaker.

What was – in brief – the content of the work you presented?
The project deals with the design and optimization of a bearingless high-speed engine. Bearingless motors offer smooth operation due to the absence of contact between stator and rotor. This is a great advantage especially at high speeds. In the course of my master thesis, I also built two prototypes of this motor, put them into operation and measured them on a special test bench. Above all, the comparison between the engine characteristics simulated in advance and the values measured later was an interesting part of the work I presented.

What are your impressions of the conference?
The conference offered me many interesting insights into current research areas within the electrical drive technology. I was very impressed by the international scientific work that was presented.
It was great to see again some scientists from the field of bearingless motors, whom I already got to know at the IPEC (International Power Electronics Conference) 2018 in Niigata. In addition, I was able to make new contacts and had stimulating conversations. Overall, it was an inspiring and impressive experience.

Why should young researchers take the opportunity to participate in conferences?
In my opinion, young researchers should definitely take the opportunity to participate in conferences. This gives them a better overview of current important problems in research and development in the respective field. It is a very good opportunity to exchange views with researchers around the world and to look at some issues from different viewing angles. Furthermore, joint projects and publications can arise.

IEMDC2019 Abendveranstaltung

IEMDC 2019 evening event

What are your career plans for the near future?
I will start working full-time in the Department of Electrical Drive Technology at LCM after completing my master’s degree in mechatronics in August. I am very much looking forward to new challenges that different projects will bring along for me. Over the next few years, I would like to gain experience in the design and optimization of electric drives, deepen the knowledge I gained during my studies and put it into practice.

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