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Industry and Mobile Hydraulics

Even for reliable and proven drive solutions in industrial and mobile hydraulics, it is important to continuously create improvements in terms of digitalization, maintenance and acquisition costs, energy efficiency, perfect integration into the overall system and possible new fields of application.


Digital Hydraulics

Digital hydraulics allows for the improvement of hydraulic systems in terms of precision, energy efficiency and system costs. The high positioning accuracy opens up fields of application that were previously not feasible with hydraulic solutions.


Valve Development

Valves are central elements for control in hydraulic drives, in process technology and also in new technologies such as hydrogen. Driven by digital hydraulics, LCM has established itself as a strong partner in the development of switching valves over more than 20 years. Whether the smallest valves with switching frequencies of up to 400 Hz with switching times of less than 1 ms, valves with flow rates of more than 10,000 l/min or valves for a wide variety of media (fluids, gases,…).
LCM can help its customers find new solutions in all these areas with its extensive expertise and experience. With the existing partner network, initial prototypes can be realized quickly, but also valve series with high quantities can be served.


Integrated and Hybrid Drives

The integrated drive allows the advantages of hydraulics to be combined with the convenient “usability” of an electric drive. Compared to conventional hydraulic systems, the application results in lower maintenance and operating costs, a reduction in size and a significant increase in energy efficiency, often with significantly reduced oil quantities.
The “hybridization” of powertrains also enables the use of regenerative and recuperative energy flows, among other things. The resulting reduction in the (average) total energy requirement also allows a reduction in the maximum installed connected load.


Systems Engineering

Especially when there are resource bottlenecks in your own development team, or when cross-industry technological expertise is required, we offer you our support from the initial idea to the prototype, right through to the complete execution of your development project.


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