Sixteen speakers addressed the following questions on 8 February at ARS Electronica, in their short lectures in the ARS Electronica Deep Space.

Where will I work?
What will our economy look like?
How will I live?
What will Linz look like?

Also our scientific managing director Johann Hoffelner spoke about these questions from the perspective of research. He has derived 5 trends for the future.

Trend 1

Digital models in all areas of life

Trend 2

Digital models of complex technical systems

Trend 3

Visualizing hidden information

Trend 4

Exposing and Scalability of Knowledge
(Automation of Knowledge Work)

Trend 5

Speed through networking
Resource utilization beyond corporate boundaries

The complete short presentation by Hr. Dr. Hoffelner can be downloaded here. (Slide download pdf). More information about the entire event can also be found on the AEC website. (Link HERE).

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