Emerging Technologies

In the business area, emerging technologies (ETx), LCM develops open-topic, new visionary ideas and future-oriented concepts for its customers. In combination with our interdisciplinary mechatronics know-how, this creates clear competitive advantages for our customers.

Current technological progress suggests to widen our field of  view and to include new approaches

  • Technical systems recognize their environment and share data with intelligent devices
  • Local software merges with global cloud applications exceeding corporate boundaries
  • Human-machine-interaction experiences strong transformative changes
  • New business models arise while industry borders dissolve

Our Competences

Our strong collaboration with international research partners of various disciplines allows us to actively shape upcoming trends. We offer innovative knowledge to our customers and also support them in transformative processes. Our knowledge portfolio includes:

Emerging Technologies

You want to assess new technologies for your products or company?

We support you on

  • Technology scouting
  • Reflecting trends on your industry
  • Analysis of emerging trends regarding your portfolio
  • Individual trend- and technology valuation

Industrial Blockchains

Blockchain technologies combined with AI, edge computing, or 5G enables new business opportunities.

We offer you:

  • Technology consulting and assessment
  • Hardware oracles
  • Decision-making support


Knowledge Engines

We combine customer knowledge with our expertise to automate developing tasks. We design Knowledge Engines for your products and services to prepare you for future business models.

Our Knowledge Engine reference portfolio:

Our Service Offer

Our service portfolio contains:


Mechathons are „mechatronic-hackathons“, which allow a high degree of sensitization for new topcis. Mechathons are a perfect method for achieving quick-win prototypes, which support strategic decision-making processes. We support you hosting your own Mechathon.

ETx KeyNotes

Get inspired by our Emerging Technologies KeyNotes. Multidisciplinary points of view cover exciting topics from various angles. Get in touch with well-respected industry leaders and enhance your business network.

ETx Workshops

Reflect common knowledge on your industry. Derive new opportunities and strategies. Achieve collaborative workshop goals. Our workshops include multidisciplinary perspectives to deliver the best result for our customers. We help our customers to establish a framework and guide strategic decision-making processes considering new trends and technologies.

Open Foresight Expedition

We offer collaborative foresight workshops in cooperation with our partners. Our foresight workshops use weak signals among several other methods to anticipate possible future scenarios. Our partners benefit by gaining new strategic mindsets along these substantial expeditions. Make sure not to miss an upcoming expedition!

Funding and Projects

We determine the appropriate funding programs for our customers’ endeavors. We arrange promising compositions of consortia due to our tremendous partner network. Our long-lasting experience allows us to compose the best funding applications and to execute the management of (EU-)funded projects.

Knowledge Push Abo

Receive up-to-date knowledge about your areas of interest. We provide you with tailored information about the latest trends within your industry and beyond.

Your Contact Person

Johannes Klinglmayr

Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Johannes Klinglmayr, MA.

Business Area Manager Emerging Technologies | Strategic Research

+43 732 2468 6158

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