(Semi-) autonomous vehicles present new challenges to the currently valid procedures for tests during development, but also to the test procedures for approval.

In order to prove the safety of the many (partially) autonomous systems that interfere with the driving behaviour of a vehicle, more and more complex tests on the test site are required. As part of a project at the COMET K2 Competence Center, LCM and AVL are investigating how these tests can be carried out better and more efficiently.

At the beginning of April, tests were carried out with Humanetics at the test site in Allhaming. The so-called CCRm tests examine whether the vehicle brakes correctly and automatically when approaching a slower vehicle in front from behind. In order not to destroy the two vehicles in the event of a malfunction, a dummy is used for the front vehicle, which is mounted on a special mobile robot platform called UFO (Ultra Flat Overrunable).

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