Detecting machine downtimes and avoiding scrap

Intelligent anomaly detection in injection molding production

LCM and the start-up Aisemo have developed a condition monitoring system for injection molding production. This system is designed to detect unnoticed machine downtime and prevent scrap.

The sensor system is heat-resistant and regularly checks the machine’s current operating parameters. If a parameter, such as the temperature, fluctuates too much or even if the entire machine comes to a standstill, the monitoring system triggers an alarm.

Continuous monitoring of the production machine enables constant production quality. In addition, it also reduces scrap and thus the CO2 footprint of the products. Green Tech for plastics technology.



  • Anomaly detection in the operation of injection molding machines
  • Production downtime reduction during injection molding
  • Reduction of scrap during injection molding
  • Easy to install, heat-resistant, low-maintenance, robust



  • Development of sensor module “SensorTag” for easy mounting on the injection molding machine
  • Low-energy consumption design of the sensor electronics
  • Energy-optimized radio transmission protocol
  • Industrial-grade transmission of measurement data via radio to the cloud
  • Measurement data evaluation with AI methods