HyDrive – More Power from Wind Turbines

Hydrostatic Antriebsübertragung für Erneuerbare Energie-Anwendungen

The electric production capacity for wind turbines is increasing steadily, and turbines producing 5-10 MW electric power are in service today. At these elevated power levels, the used technology is pushed to the limit by the increasing demands for efficiency, power density, reliability, serviceability besides requirements for size, weight and cost reductions.

A paradigm shift is envisioned: recent advances in fluid power (oil hydraulic) technology will soon lead to a competitive alternative to the classic wind turbine configuration and stretch the technological limit for wind turbine sizes.

In wind turbine applications, fluid power solutions using the so-called digital displacement technology (DDT) increases the power density, eliminates the gearbox and the power electronic converter, as the mechanical drive train is replaced by a high-efficiency reliable hydrostatic transmission system based on DDT.

LCM is as partner in the project responsible for bringing in it’s expertise in the development of endurable fast switching valves optimized for the use in DDT.

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