Climate neutrality will substantially change our life in many areas. The keys to success are the identification of savings potential and the provision of innovative technologies that are not available on the market yet.​​


Green Hydraulics

Digital Pressure Control Unit for Composite-Presses

LCM under pressure: Replacing standard spool valves suffering from a high internal leakage with seat type digital valves, in combination with an optimized control technology, enables energy savings of up to 80%, a CO2 reduction of several tons per year, and at the same time offers a quieter, more robust and more precise production process.

Company partner: Miba Frictec GmbH

Machines & Plants

Energy Efficient Machine and Facility Design

LCM at work: With our competences in digital product development, modelling/simulation and data analysis, we attend companies on their way to energy efficient and CO2-reduced operation of their machines and plants.

Company partners: Cemtec, NG Green


Hydrostatic Drive Train for Wind Power

LCM in lofty heights: LCM develops durable, fast-switching valves optimized to be applied in DDT (Digital Displacement Technology). Fluid power drive solutions based on DDT significantly increase the overall efficiency of wind power plants.

Company partner: MHI-Vestas


Optimized Green Power Generation

LCM in the flow: We use multi-objective optimization to dimension tailor-made generators for river power plants that achieve up to 97.5 % efficiency and also set new efficiency standards in the frequent partial load operation.

Company partner: WWS Wasserkraft

Electric shipping

Electric Motors for Shipping

LCM on the high seas: The energy transition in shipping is coming. We supported the Voith Group in the development of the first ship propulsion system with an electrified Voith Schneider Propeller (eVSP) and are working together on further solutions.

Company partner: Voith



LCM on the road: Whether powered by battery or H2 fuel cell, the e-motor is the driving force in e-vehicles. We use state-of-the-art simulation methods to set new standards in the design of electric drives – in the vehicle and the development infrastructure.

Company partner: Magna Powertrain Engineering Center Steyr


CFD-Simulation for Automotive

LCM in the flow: We created an automated workflow that allows for mapping the circulation around vehicles in a simulation model. Based on the simulation results, e.g. the potential of platooning for the reduction of both CO2-emissions and fuel consumption can be analyzed.

Company partners: Hödlmayr International GmbH, DigiTrans GmbH

Climate Neutrality

Open Strategy Initiative: Climate Neutrality 2040

LCM as initiator und moderator: In three collaborative workshops, decision-makers of our company partners identified the most urgent questions that should be addressed together: CO2-accounting, circular economy and energy efficiency. In the next phase, low-threshold information exchange will take place in workshops.
Your participation is still possible. Please, contact us if you are interested.

Company partners: AVL, Bosch Rexroth, Energie AG, Engel, Greiner, Lenzing, Primetals, Rosenbauer, and voestalpine AG, among others.

Digital Twin technology from LCM enables Salvagnini to substantially decrease time to market of it’s Panel Bender, increase product efficiency, and allows flexible and sustainable operation.

Ing. Wolfgang Kunze, MSc, MBA

CTO bei Salvagnini Maschinenbau GmbH , Linz Center of Mechatronics GmbH

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