About the COMET K2 Competence Center

Some key performance indicators of the center


A total of 123 dissertations have been researched since 2013. Of these, 57 completed and 66 in work.


Since 2013 a total of 60 patents have been registered nationally, internationally and at the European patent office.


Since 2013, a total of 314 peer reviewed journals have been published.


Since 2013, a total of 131 diploma and master theses have been worked on around the topics in the K2 competence center, of which 113 have been completed and 18 still in work.

About COMET K2 Competence Centre

Under the roof of LCM (Linz Center of Mechatronics GmbH), there is a COMET K2 competence center. This center, which was known under the project name, ACCM, Austrian Center of Competence in Mechatronics, was fully integrated into LCM in 2013. The COMET K2 Competence Center, which is funded by BMVIT, BMWFJ and Upper Austria and is unwound by the FFG (Austrian Research Promotion Agency), has enabled LCM to carry out risky innovative projects with its partners for many years to establish a national and international network of permanent exchange of knowledge and experience in order to continuously strengthen Austria as a research location.


Research activities | Research Areas

The competence center research activities are based on the fundamental understanding of mechatronics as a highly developed interdisciplinary technology that integrates mechanics, electronics, information technology and automation at the process-, system- and component-levels. This mechatronic approach is a dominating success factor for excellent process and product innovations. So the center research activities concentrate on six carefully selected and interactively operating areas optimally covering the necessary expertise for the mechatronization of products and processes. In this way, the center contributes to the long-term objective of strengthening locations for research, development and production in Austria and Europe.

The scientific results of Comet K2 research projects, together with the expertise of both LCM and our clients provide the means for marketable products and for tomorrow’s solutions. LCM’s intensive cooperation with international universities and research partners serves as a basis for a sustainable internationalization strategy.


AREA 1: Process Modeling and Mechatronic Design

Dynamics of complex solid body structures, fluid flow, material forming processes, heat transfer, coating processes, heat treatment processes,  phase transition processes

Area 2: Mechanics and Model Based Control

Advanced multi-field and multi-body formulations in mechanics and robotics, structural control and health monitoring, differential algebraic and geometric methods for control system design of lumped and distributed parameter systems

Area 3: Information and Control

System analysis and control of machines and industrial processes, adaptive and learning systems, fault detection and isolation, virtual sensing

Area 4: Drives and Actuators

Design automation, systematic design of mechatronic systems,  electrical and hydraulic drives and actuators, rapid prototyping, design oriented modelling, optimal design

Area 5: Sensors and Signals

Sensor technologies and sensor systems, measurement technologies, signal processing and transfer, analysis and interpretation of signals, integrated (intelligent) sensors, condition monitoring

Area 6: Wireless Systems

System and circuit design for (wireless) communications, industrial radar systems, wireless sensor networks for industrial and security applications, 3D local position measurement technology

Vision | Mission

The center will continue to realize its vision “To be a leader in mechatronic excellence and a successful international innovation provider” by the following main measures:

  • Challenging, high level research program devoted to trendsetting technologies
  • Continuous intensification of networking with leading international scientific and company partners and research centers, optimally selected for the centers needs.
  • Strengthening the centers international visibility by high level publications, organizations of and significant contributions to international conferences and workshops
  • Development of excellent research personnel by an interdisciplinary human resource program (PhD grants, international exchange of researchers, conference visits, etc.)

National and international founded projects

The LCM team has comprehensive experience in tendering for EU projects and other international project plans. Some of the results of these projects have since been successfully brought onto the market. We have submitted project proposals for the following national programmes and structural funds:

ETP: European Technology Platforms: Initiative to support international networking. Funding: Horizon 2020 – Rules for Participation (100/70%) | JTIs: JTI – Joint Technology Initiatives: public-private partnership to support transnational research collaboration in selected technological fields | cPPPs: contractual Public Private Partnerships | EIPs: European Innovation Partnerships | ERANET: European Research Area | EIT (KICs): European Innovation and Technology Institute – Knowledge and Innovation Communities | HORIZON2020 | FET: Future and Emerging Technologies | Art. 185-Initiativen

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