Software development at LCM is organised into two levels: on one level, software is developed as an integral part of mechatronic systems in terms of a real-time system or for human-machine interaction. On another level, LCM’s own simulation software helps to overcome complex tasks where commercial software tools have reached their limits.


  • National InstrumentsTM
  • LabVIEW: Graphical programming software with modular hardware.
  • MATLAB®: a high-level programming language and interactive environment for numerical computation, visualisation and programming.


  • MagOpt: Optimisation software for mechatronic components.
  • X2C: Open-source software.
  • HOTINT: Open-source software to simulate multibody dynamics. 
  • FDI (Fault Detection and Isolation) Software:  Software prototype development to automatically diagnose errors in industrial systems.
  • PIT (Physical Interpretation Tool) Software: This MatLab-based software prototype expands the selection of variables already used in the FDI software.

Funding Bodies