Value-oriented Product-choice leads to Sustainable Consumption

Our first “Publication of the Month” represents an outstanding example for the transdisciplinary work at the Linz Center of Mechatronics.
The international team around our colleague Dr. Johannes Klinglmayr developed a buying assistance system for sustainable consumption. The results are now published in the Royal Society Open Science journal.

Figure: ASSET Smartphone App.
First, the consumers choose their personal preferences regarding enrivonmental aspects, health and product quality. Then, the system recommends the relevant products in an app – without the research effort that would otherwise have been necessary.
Figure: Significant shift towards more sustainable consumption during the field test phase.
The system was in operation in Estonia and Austria for several months. In cooperation with ETH Zurich, the data was compared with the individual consuming history. The results show that, using the technical support, the consumers changed their buying behavior. In terms of OECD definitions, their altered behavior was more sustainable.

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