HOTINT | Software

HOTINT | Software

HOTINT is a software package for the simulation of mechatronic systems. With it, special mechatronic components can be developed as new items or existing items can be developed further. HOTINT also provides the possibility of being linked with other software tools. A part of HOTINT is available as freeware:

It used to be the case that only individual parts of a mechatronic system, such as mechanical components, actuators and sensors, were able to be simulated. With the aid of HOTINT, integral mechatronic systems can now be simulated. The development of HOTINT started over 10 years ago. This software package has been in use at LCM since 2008 and is the subject of continuous further development. HOTINT focuses on the modelling of complex and non-linear mechanical subsystems, such as the simulation of sheet metal packs or the simulation of fluid structure interaction (see illustration).

The possibility of coupling HOTINT with other software tools—for instance, for flow simulation, the networking of components or automatic control—has not existed for very long. A part of HOTINT is published as freeware (see

It enables the simulation of mechanical systems in combination with automatic controls. The mechatronic systems can be programmed in an easily readable and parameterizable script language. An example of such a system is a gantry robot (see illustration), which has been set up with flexible beams and bearings. With this model, vibrations of the flexible arms, for example, can be analysed. In the full version in C++, which is used in LCM projects, significantly more features are available that can be adapted to specific problems. More information about HOTINT, including a download option, can be found at or you can contact us directly.


Please contact us for further information! We shall be happy to provide detailed information about the options offered by HOTINT.

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14. September 2015

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