Contactless reading and recording of sensor data on agricultural vehicles

Contactless reading and recording of sensor data on agricultural vehicles

Plant health and crop yield assessment based on optimised sensors and data analysis.

In modern agriculture and especially in the Saatbau cooperative, the contactless reading and recording of various sensor data is becoming more and more important. Thanks to the use of sensor solutions, the various parameters of the plant population can be quickly and reliably identified. Another advantage is that the data is free from subjective (human) analyses.


Efficient mobile data acquisition includes the collection of physical data (e.g. growth height, surface coverage, emergence, vitality), environmental data (e.g. soil and air moisture, temperature) and raw material data (yield und quality characteristics).

The Linz Center of Mechatronics GmbH (LCM) offers specialised services in the area of mobile data acquisition, efficient data processing, data analysis and assessment on different levels: in the decision-making process of breeding establishments with respect to the development of new breeds, in the development of agricultural machinery and vehicles and in agricultural controlling and production planning.

Moreover, the development and integration of new sensor-based assistance systems can be used to optimise and facilitate a number of agricultural processes, such as the identification of the optimum point of harvest, statement on harvest quantity, etc.


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3. November 2015