We are measuring quickly, efficiently and correctly.

Due to our numerous R&D projects for technology leaders, we have an excellent measurement infrastructure. Our experienced staff will advise you in advance on the measurement design in order to prevent unnecessary or incorrect measurements. So, nothing stands in your way receiving a fast, cost-efficient and correct measurement campaign.

Integrated drives

Measurement of electrical and hydraulic actuators (rotating and linear).


  • Efficiency
  • Maps
  • Losses
  • Temperatures
  • Vibrations and sound

Vibration & Sound

Vibration measurement on components or machines for analysis, parameterization, verification

  • Time signals
  • Transfer functions
  • Modal analysis
  • Operational analysis
  • Diagnosis using a waterfall diagram



Measurement of the three-dimensional environment, of heat distribution and sources on surfaces

  • Measurement of large objects and rooms for 3D visualizations
  • Measurement of surface temperatures
  • Documentation
  • Reference for indoor positioning
  • Validation of simulation results

Onsite & Laboratory

Measurements on our test benches under laboratory conditions as well as measurements at your location

  • System diagnostics
  • System monitoring
  • System analysis
  • Measurement data-based models

System analysis based on
measurement data

“The whole is more than the sum of the individual parts” – Nowadays it is no longer sufficient to look at individual components to assess and prevent system failures. The increasing complexity of systems makes the analysis and the subsequent diagnosis more and more difficult. Unforeseen system failures due to errors in individual components in productive systems must be avoided at all costs. We solve this problem with a system analysis based on measurement data. We include all relevant parts in the analysis and carry out the necessary measurements to give our customers a better understanding of the system. In addition to the classic analysis methods, our digital engineering know-how also allows the use of the most modern analysis methods such as data-based models.


Drive engineering


  • Pump measurement
  • Cylinder measurement
  • Valve measurement
  • Magnetic measurement
  • Efficiency, leakages, friction, wear, characteristic diagrams


  • Hydraulic motors, pumps, cylinders
  • Hydraulic supply up to 2 x 50kW, 200 L / min, 300 bar
  • Torque / speed / force measurement
  • Pressure / volume flow measurement (50mL / min to 600L / min)
  • Gearboxes, flanges, clamping fields
  • Magnet development


Electric actuators


  • Power range from a few watts to 54kW
  • Determination of efficiency
  • Map measurement
  • Measurement of liquid-cooled actuators / drives
  • Vibration measurement
  • Sound measurements


  • 3 flexible engine test stands
  • Yokogawa WT1800 power meter
  • Various force and pressure sensors
  • Sound and vibration measurement systems
  • Thermal camera


Onsite Measurement


  • Diagnosis and troubleshooting at the customer’s location
  • Analysis of the feasibility with sensor data recording 
  • Little or no interruptions in productive systems


  • Portable industrial control for measurements
  • Flexibly expandable
  • Automatic measurements and evaluations
  • Evaluation and presentation directly at the customer’s location
Vibration Measurement


  • Quantification of undesired noise development in electrical or mechanical (industrial) systems
  • Locating the sound sources in operation
  • Operational noise measurements
  • Acoustical comparison of identical systems
  • Validation of finite element simulations
  • Quality assurance by comparing identical systems
  • Waveform analysis (modal analysis, order analysis)


  • Sound source location
  • Sound pressure measurement
  • Sound power calculation
  • Noise mapping
  • Beamforming
  • Stimulation by means of an impact hammer and shaker
  • Graphic evaluation of the deflection shapes and frequencies
  • Comparison of simulation and measurement
Geometry related


  • Detect surface temperature, contact-free
  • on dynamic parts e.g. rotating parts
  • Locating heat sources in operation
  • Comparison of components, circuit boards
  • Validation of calculations and simulations


  • Heat source location
  • Automatic evaluation when limit values ​​are exceeded
  • Process parameter analysis in production
  • On site long-term measurements and evaluations for machines
  • Comparison between calculation and simulation
3D measurement


  • 3D measurement of large objects, rooms
  • Control of dimensions and positions
  • Basis for simulation of 3D boundary conditions


  • Database for control, measurement, etc.
  • Comparison of the SLAM result with the 3D measurement
  • 3D model for virtual reality or for visualization

Measurement Equipment

Our measurement tools enable us to measure all kinds of mechanical, electrical, acoustic, hydraulic, thermal and magnetic requirements.


  • Position (induktiv, laser)
  • Acceleration
  • Speed(1D vibrometer, 2D scanning vibrometer)
  • Power and moment
  • Shaker, impulse hammer, piezoelektric actuators


  • STSF 18-ch microphone array
  • 36-ch wheel array
  • Sound intensity probe
  • 1/2-inch free-field microphone
  • Seven Bel – Sound Scanner P132


  • 3 flexible engine test benches 0-54kW / 0-290Nm
  • Powermeter WT1800 by Yokogawa with 6 modules
  • High quality digital oscilloskope
  • Network and spectrum analyzers


  • Pressure / volume flow sensors (up to 10000bar, 600L / min)
  • Torque / power measurement
  • Distance / acceleration sensors


  • Thermal camera (Flir SC620)
  • Climatic cabinet
  • Coolant conditioning: Wittmann Tempro basic C 140


  • Magnetizing device
  • Gaussmeter



Measurement of hydraulic systems