Industrial IoT: Topics & Technologies

Our main topics

Our customers appreciate our competence in integrating different technologies into a complete solution. Many solutions developed by us contain a combination of the following technologies and topics.

Radio communications

Our radio systems are optimized to meet your needs. Your data is transmitted reliably and securely.

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Energy ­Harvesting

We equip your sensors with a self-sufficient power supply. No more battery change necessary!

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Ultra-low-Power Solutions

Energy efficient concept and design and coordinated development of hardware and software.

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Embedded ­Sensors

We supply you with sensor systems that are tailored to your needs and optimally embedded. If necessary, energy-autonomous and with radio connection.

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Cloud connection for IoT solutions

We ensure that the data from your embedded sensors and systems reaches the cloud securely.

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Data Analysis & Machine Learning

Your data in good hands. Our domain knowledge – your advantage.

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Radar Technology

Radar offers elegant solutions for measurements, e.g. of flow velocity or workpiece dimensions under harsh conditions.

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Modular measurement technology

We integrate the sensor technology required for your special measurement situations.

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Location-based IoT & Tracking

Whether you want to locate and track objects or people, we deliver your customized localization solution.

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We are offering the following subject areas and technologies:

Radio communications

Based on existing radio technologies and protocols, we develop the optimal solution for your needs. Special developments include adapted radio protocols (e.g. optimized regarding radio frequency, data volume and energy consumption), reliability and security.

Technologies: WLAN, Bluetooth, UWB, NFC, 3G/4G, 5G, proprietary radio protocols, etc.

Energy Harvesting

Energy harvesting is the key to maintenance-free and at the same time wireless sensor technology or other electronics. This can minimize maintenance costs and enable new applications with inaccessible locations. Energy is converted from the environment into electrical energy, ideally eliminating the need for regular battery replacement.

We are offering customized solutions for your application based on, among others, solar, vibration, and rotational energy harvesting.

Ultra-low Power Solutions

We create energy-efficient concepts and designs and develop the hardware and software accordingly. Our electronics development is specialized in energy efficiency and our proprietary radio protocols enable data transmission with optimized energy consumption.

Embedded Sensors

Operating parameters such as temperature or speeds often have to be measured under harsh conditions and transmitted by radio. The temperatures can be high, the sensor technology should be as small as possible, and it should be self-sufficiently supplied with energy.

Commercial solutions usually do not work under these conditions.

For these scenarios, we develop embedded sensor technology that provides the desired data under these conditions. Edge computing, the signal pre-processing directly at the sensor, enables the transmission of the essential key data with low data rates.

Our sensor systems are specially adapted to your requirements, also with regard to size and shape.

Cloud connectivity for IoT solutions

Cloud-based data storage and data analysis platforms represent an important component for sensor systems or distributed systems. In these platforms, a wide variety of data can be analyzed with modern algorithms and, above all, linked to take advantage of synergy effects and enable Big Data analyses.

We ensure that your sensor data reaches the cloud securely and reliably (both wired and wireless) and offer interfaces to well-known cloud providers such as Azure or AWS.

Data Analysis & Machine Learning

Since the beginning of the digitization of industry, the amount of data available on states and processes has been increasing rapidly. Through targeted analysis methods, it is possible to identify correlations between superficially independent events and states and to draw meaningful conclusions regarding plant and process status and intervene at an early stage.

We support our customers with our mechatronic domain knowledge of sensors, mechanics, robotics, hydraulics, etc., coupled with our many years of know-how in the areas of mathematical modeling, AI & data analytics, signal processing and sensor fusion & data fusion.

With these competencies, we can optimally support you in reducing production errors or plant downtime – for example, by developing efficient algorithms for quality inspection, anomaly detection and predictive maintenance.

Radar Technology

Radar offers elegant possibilities for non-contact determination of various parameters. The fields of application are manifold and range from flow velocity measurement in technical waters to the determination of workpiece dimensions under harsh industrial environmental conditions to the localization of transponderless objects.

We are supporting our customers with our many years of know-how in the field of radar sensor technology, starting with the creation of customer-specific measurement concepts, the selection of suitable radar systems (frequency ranges, antenna configuration), the performance of measurements, through to the creation of adapted signal processing algorithms and the evaluation of measurement data.

Modular measurement technology

We are integrating the sensor technology required for your special measurement situations and thus record the data from many sensors simultaneously with time stamps.

Location-based IoT & Tracking

Modern localization systems not only determine the position of people or objects, but also deliver rich added value through position tracking, activity pattern analysis and recognition, and energy-independent mobile transponders. Location-based IoT becomes a reality through the meaningful interaction of products with machines and systems or tools with warehouse goods and transport systems.

We are supporting our clients with our many years of know-how in the areas of radiolocation (UWB, BLE, WLAN, RFID), optical tracking (VLP, odometry) and pattern recognition to optimize their flow of goods, plan transport routes, improve ergonomics and efficiency and open up new application scenarios.

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