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Synchronized Industrial Wireless Sensor Networks for Real-Time and Energy-Aware Sensing Applications, Schriftenreihe Advances in Mechatronics, Bd. 36

Achim Berger

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Blind Adaptive I/Q Mismatch Compensation, Schriftenreihe Advances in Mechatronics, Bd. 35

Michael Rudolf Petit

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Design and Test of an Electromagnetically Actuated High Frequency Oscillation Pump, Schriftenreihe Advances in Mechatronics, Bd. 34

Eugenio Leati

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Smoothed particle hydrodynamics with consistent boundaries for fluid-structure interaction, Schriftenreihe Advances in Mechatronics, Bd. 33

Markus Schörgenhumer

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The Magneticbearing website is operated by Linz Center of Mechatronics GmbH and includes a worldwide publication database of more than 1500 latest scientific documentation on the subject of magnetic drive technologies.




ResearchGate is a social network for researchers from all areas of science. Since 2008 research profiles and pages have been created here. ResearchGate enables the publication of scientific papers, articles, etc and networking with worldwide researchers. Researchgate has around 10 million members worldwide. The Linz Center of Mechatronics also has its own research profile in this network.

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